Perspective Project on not restarting

Hi all, I am why is the Client view not seeing the changes made on the Designer ?

From the Client Perspective:

On the Designer:

So far it’s the only page that is affected by not updating when I make any changes, my homepage is working fine when I changed the Label Text

Verify that the page configuration is in place as expected. Remember that your Designer is showing you a View, and if you want to see that View on a Page, you need to do one of two things:

  1. Attach the View as the Primary View in the Page Configuration panel
  2. Navigate to the View in question

(or you could embed the view using any of the Embedding components)

If the View in question is meant to be the Primary View for the Page, double-check that the URL your browser is on matches the URL supplied in the Page Configuration entry for your page.

Thank you, I realized I set it to another File…

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