Perspective Project with Multiple Identity Providers

Is there any reasoning to why you cannot setup multiple Identity Providers on a single project? I am thinking of other mainstream websites out there that allow you to either setup a native login or use your google/facebook account.

To try and figure out a workaround I have setup an inheritable project with all my views and pages. Next I created a child project for each identity provider i want to allow users to authenticate with.

There are a couple issues i see with this setup. If i want to share a url with all the users i will need to make the url different depending on which child project they need to be authenticated with. Another issue is if a user from one project wants to share a link with a user from a different project the user receiving the link will be prompted to login, but not be able to.

Would allowing multiple identity providers on a project be something that could be in a future version?

Hi @Jonathan -

There are currently no plans to set up multiple Identity Providers per project but I will take note of the use case and keep it in mind as our architecture evolves.

The only clean way to do this right now is to point to an IdP which supports brokering authentication with one of many IdPs.

I have a similar use case where I would like to use badge authentication without passwords for standard operators, but then for engineers or administrators I would like to have badge with password.

I am also looking to do something similar to this. Our project currently uses our company Microsoft IdP which restricts non-employees from being able to view the project. My ideal use case would be able to have the non-employees have read-only permissions for the entire project and only allow company employees to write to the project. I’m not sure if there are options that would allow this to work though.

This is what seems to work for us. The starting project is a stand alone project that can either have a drop down that the user selects how they want to authenticate. Think of a site that asks you if you want to use facebook or google to sign in. Once the user makes there selection they are redirected to the url of the project that is setup with the respective idp. The user will then be asked to authenticate. Then each one of the projects inherits the project that contains all the views the user is trying to access.