Perspective projects intranet home page

Has anyone come up with a sensible home page scheme for their Ignition server?

  • Company DNS should point to server’s IP address.
  • Browsing to that should launch the home page on port 80 (with optional redirect to https).
  • We then need an easily editable page to add links to each of the released projects.

At first I thought that Perspective itself might not be a good application for the home page but a page using a couple of Markdown components might do for the easily edited part. What about the other bits? How do I get the user to that page without ugly URLs?

Consider installing nginx or haproxy on your server and reverse proxying Ignition itself. Then you can configure the proxy to serve the home page itself, customized as you desire, while proxying all subfolders (where all the Ignition action is anyways).