Perspective: Property change script on json returns QualifiedValues for all items

Not sure if this is intended or not, but I have an array property that contains objects (json) with two keys. I have a change script on it and I’m using currentValue.value to get the json as py objects, however i’ve found that in order to see the value of items on the json, I need to use .value after each subscriptable access. It seems that all items within the json are QVs as well



to read options[0]['value'] I need to use:
So many .values!
Shouldn’t the QV only apply to the outer-most value? e.g. just the currentValue?

Which version are you on? From what I remember, there were a couple bugs around this kind of thing late in 8.0; I think 8.0.17 is supposed to have them fixed, but I’m not 100%.

I’m on 8.1.0 lts

Is there a better way to do this now? I just dealt with a mess of .values in a change script that would be nice to avoid.