Perspective Property Change Scripts origin parameter

When the value property of a Perspective DateTime Input is set by a script, the formattedValues properties are updated. The origin parameter of the valueChanged script for props.formattedValues.datetime is ‘Browser’.
Is this the intended behaviour? I would expect the parameter to be ‘Script’ in this case.

It will be Script for the value property, but it is the frontend that is altering the formattedValues so the origin is correct.

Ok, thank you.

Is there a way to prevent the value property from being deleted, so i can put a change script on it?

You should be able to manually add the property yourself - just as you would any other property. You can ignore the warning which is visible as soon as you change the property key to value. You’ll want to remove the default value of “value” from the value property. At this point you should be able to create a Change Script and it should remain in place until you manually delete the value property.