Perspective Property Editor disappearing

Hello, still in the learning stages of working w Perspective/Ignition. I am working w two monitors running off my laptop.

Steps to recreate:

  • I create a project in the gateway, then click to open Perspective in the Project Browser
  • Navigate to the Header, then click to remove the Ignition logo (to replace w our own logo)
  • The Property Editor panel displays but all contents disappear
  • I move the Property Editor around the screen and it disappears completely. It remains checked off when I go to View>Panels>Perspective Property Editor

Thanks in advance,

You seem to be missing some steps which I need in order to help you.

So do you already have the Designer open? Assuming a new project name of “ProjectA”, did you then select File > Open and then select ProjectA from among available projects?

What header? If you just created the project, there should be no “header” present.

Could you perhaps share a video of what you’re encountering?