Perspective props is returning the datatype as well as the data

Ignition 8.1.1.

  • I’ve got a table and a row Delete button.
  • I need to get the “id” value of the selected row on the table.
  • The Delete button onActionPerformed runs a script which contains the line
    params = {'id':self.parent.parent.getChild("Table")[0].id}

The console reports the row with

23: ... Perspective.Designer.Workspace - {'id': 1L}
23: ... Perspective.Designer.Workspace - {'id': 3L}

… the ‘L’ being added, I guess, to signify Long datatype.

If I change it to look at a cell that contains ‘ABC2’ I get

23: ... Perspective.Designer.Workspace - {'machine': u'ABC2'}

which looks like ‘u’ signifies Unicode.

How do I get just the data without the type information?

While we’re here, I can’t find a good tutorial on coding an Add and a Delete button for the table. It’s hard work! Is there a guide anywhere?

Many thanks.

Hmmm. If I use


I get

23: ... Perspective.Designer.Workspace - 2

which is what I want.