Perspective & Redundancy/Failover

If my customer has several Perspective sessions open, all pointing at the ip address of the master and the master goes down, what happens to their sessions? I would think that their browsers would then need to point to the backup at Does this happen automatically? Is this seamless like the Vision failover was?

Hi vcgasman,

I believe redundancy in perspective should work similar to the way it does in vision and should fail over to the backup gateway when the master is down.


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I have this same question, but what happens if the primary is down and a new client is started? The session wouldn’t have been started while the primary was up for it to know to try the backup server, so I’m assuming that the session just wouldn’t start. Do you know how to work around this?

What about for Perspective Workstation clients, is this the same or are there some smarts when the connection is first setup that tells it there’s a backup gateway?

If you start a new session, the system will try to open with the specified server, so it won’t work. I have solved this issue by having a second shortcut for the backup server, but there is probably a better way to do it. Not sure about workstation, but it seems like it should be able to ‘remember’ if that isn’t a feature already.

Perspective Workstation supports launching directly against the backup if the master is down and will return to the master when it comes back online. One caveat here is workstation caches the address to the backup, so if it has changed since the last time workstation was opened and was able to communicate with the master it will fail, though that should be an unlikely scenario.

Hope that helps,
JJ Coffman

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