Perspective Refresh of external OPC UA Server Tags

I'm having issues with my tags updating quickly... My configuration is as follows;

PLC - Keyence KV8000A (this runs the OPC UA server)
HMI - 1 PC running a Perspective Limited License & one session running

Example 1 - I'm using an icon as a button. I can set the variable true/false reliably & the PLC receives the command, but I don't see an update from the PLC for 4 to 10 seconds.

Example 2 - Our company uses a subroutine in the PLC to handle our security... I can 'login' to the system but the latency of the tag update is causing erratic behavior of the password entry. In addition, there is an icon that shows the current logged in user & it doesn't update once you've successfully logged in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank in advance.

Can you make the OPC UA connection without security and then get a Wireshark capture?

If the OPC UA server is external to Ignition there's very little you can do about slow updates other than make sure you have the Tag Group rate these tags belong to set to your desired rate, but maybe the capture will show something else going on.

No security is being used to make this connection... I haven't used Wire Shark to look into this because I'm currently developing remotely.

I've reached out to Keyence to take a look at a server setting or something on their end.

Incidentally, I'm also having problems pulling up the OSK.exe (On-Screen Keyboard). Have any suggestions for that issue?

No, sorry, I don't know much about Perspective or the OSK beyond what's in the manual. Are you using Perspective Workstation or running in a browser? What do you mean by "pulling up the OSK.exe"?

OSK is generally not something you have to explicitly invoke... if you're in touch mode either Workstation or the OS does it.

This application is being run on a Workstation (not a tablet). I've tried to configure it as a tablet but it doesn't seem to affect the PC's behavior when I touch a data entry object (e.g. password entry field).