Perspective: Remove headings and checkbox from Alarm Status responsive table

Can I remove the checkbox and headings from here?


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I’m having the same question, did you find out if there’s a way to remove them?

Yep, I resorted to CSS. I’ll let you know when I’m back at laptop within the hour

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Thank you.
I don’t understand where should I use the custom CSS class in the project.
Inside the style-classes directory in the project perhaps? If so what should be the name of the file?

The easiest way is to inject it in a style class, the correct way is to make a theme.css

A theme must be created here C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\modules\com.inductiveautomation.perspective\themes
and import your default theme file (light css) and set your default theme to the one you just made.
Do not edit existing themes as these will be lost on an update

Injection is done by putting the css in a styleclass background image surrounded by inverted brackets
}{ (no need to assign the class to anything)

(example came from somewhere else)

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Thank you,
I found a video that explain how to use CSS in perspective Understanding CSS, Selectors, and Specificity in Ignition Perspective - YouTube
Following his example i created a custom directory insiede the thems dir where i created inside a style.css file with this two classes to hide the two columns

Then I imported it in the light.css file

This is the final result (in the app the scroll bar is not displayed)

Thank you for your help

You should not modify the files supplied by Ignition. When you upgrade that file will be overwritten and you will loose your changes.

Instead import the light.css file at the top of your own theme file before adding your own CSS.

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Thanks for the tip