Perspective Report (Pie Chart legend)


I have a small question regard to design to Pie Chart from Perspective reports module. I want to use a Pie chart to show some data, everything works fine but I’m curios if it’s possible to move legend from bottom to left or right.



I tried to play with “Label style” and put on ‘Outset’ but it’s look nice only if I have 3-4 data on it.


Ignition Platform - 8.1.17
Reporting Module - 6.1.17

There is no such thing as “the Perspective Reporting module”. Based on your screenshot, I’m assuming you’re talking about a Pie Chart in the regular Reporting module.

As far as I can see, there isn’t a way to move the location of the legend. Perhaps try playing with the Label Format and Label Font properties when you have the Label Style set to Outset?