Perspective Reporting DataKey True/False for Nested Query


I am currently using Visible property with Dynamic Data Key. I need to set it to false if nested query Value is Null.
I have 3 level nested queries,

  1. Location
    1.1 Data
    1.1.1 Details

The visible property I am trying to use is in Details table. If Type Column value. in Data Table is null then False. So I can show 1.1.1 Table only on specific instances where data.Type column value is not null.
I am currently using, Location.Data.Type!=" "?"True".

Its not working Can you please help with this? Thanks

It would probably help for you to read ReportMill's document on Keychain Expressions first. (ReportMill is the reporting engine we use)

ReportMill will evaluate NULL values as false and non-NULL as true in keychains, so I suspect you can simplify your keychain. I don't fully understand your data and report setup, but it might be that Type is sufficient here.

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