Perspective resize column container row dynamically


I would like to know if there is a way to dynamically resize the rows in a column container?

I’m using a column container page and I have tried to resize a component height in a row to create a collapse / expend effect thinking the column container row would follow (With obviously no other components in the row blocking it from collapsing).

Unfortunately at this stage the component height does change but the column container row does not follow, leaving blank space I do not want.

I could do this effect using a flex container page with other flex containers inside it which is great but I loose the breakpoint functionality to reorganize my page depending on breakpoints.

Is there a way to make it work?


have you considered this layout:

root  # Flex in "column" mode
L_ Column Container
L_ Component  # this is the component you want to dis/appear based on condition
L_ Column Container

This would allow for still configuring the column containers based on breakpoints, and would allow for “hiding” a component in the “middle” of the column container.

@cmallonee thanks for your help, I did found how to do it.
My lack in CSS knowledge was the issue :sweat_smile:.

Instead of playing with the “visible” and “height” parameter (in px) of my component, I gave it a height of 100% to display full content of my embedded view and played with the “display” parameter.
Like this my component collapse and expend and the column container row follow :slight_smile:.

Funny enough, playing with the “visible” and “height” parameter (in px) of my component would “work” but I would have to refresh the page for the column container row to follow the component height.

Hopefully what I’m saying make sense…

I had help from a colleague who does web and even discovered I can write my own css in a css file and add it to my style ! Perspective power !! :heart_eyes:

could you kindly tell me how you did that exactly, I was trying the to dynamically adjust row height between components