Perspective resolution mapping

I create a coordinate view with 800800 pixel resolution and add some component to full all area of view.
I use a 1920
1080 Android phone with chrome to see the view.
When I look the view at my phone it only show half (about 400 px) of horizontal view at 100% zoom and I have to pan to see full view.
The view horizontal is 800 pixel and my phone screen is 1080 so I should see full view at 100% zoom level without any pan.
Can somebody help me to understand how mapping is done in perspective between actual resolution LCD and view size.

That’s something I’m curious about too. I feel like I took a step backward in having to manually size views and components to fit a screen, where at least they would fit any screen automatically before, even if it wasn’t always scaled properly.

I will learn to use the Breakpoint and Flex containers, but putting a responsive UI together in a designer is actually harder for me than in pure code, so I’m just kicking the can down the road for a while.

Your phone and pretty much any other device with a high DPI screen doesn’t actually render 1:1, it renders at some scale so you can actually read the text and see the UI. This scale is totally device/resolution/OS dependent.

Trying to build “pixel perfect” screens in Perspective is swimming against the current…

My issue is more that there’s no automatic scaling to fullscreen, which was the default for Vision. Coordinate may not be the world’s most versatile platform, but it is still the quickest way to spin up a screen on a deadline.

Coordinate containers have a ‘percent’ mode - check the properties on the root container.

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I find some solution for it. In mobile chrome check desktop site option to render site in 1:1 scaling.
Now the view show currently.
The only problem I can’t find this option perspective app and it scale the view.