Perspective resource.json and git merge issue

I keep having this issue where something I am doing with git keeps causing my resource.json files for perspective to end up in a state like this. I can “accept the incoming changes” in vs code, or I can just manually fix them, but how do I keep this from happening?

It makes scripts show up as packages and it causes a handful of issues, so its a nuisance

  "scope": "G",
  "version": 1,
  "restricted": false,
  "overridable": true,
  "files": [
  "attributes": {
    "lastModification": {
<<<<<<< HEAD
      "actor": "kgamble",
      "timestamp": "2020-11-03T15:40:02Z"
    "lastModificationSignature": "7d9896a165425e65f4572544eccf85dcdf2db2d9b93d4dc0284c64b0c2382697"
      "actor": "external",
      "timestamp": "2020-11-03T05:17:57Z"
    "lastModificationSignature": "53925a310569defc33b592abfce75684a868940f069591c0eb538550bdac6e72"
>>>>>>> origin/dev

I normally just do the following in order to get started:

git fetch origin
git merge origin/branch
<make my changes>
git add .
git commit -m "My Message Here"
git push origin branch

Are you making these changes externally, e.g. in VS code? Or in the designer?

I’m making my changes In the designer and fetching from a remote git lab instance

But when this happens it makes the designer think whatever object (script, view, etc.) is a folder, and so I can’t open it until I manually go fix the resource.json