Perspective resources hosting

I’m looking at an application which will consist of a kiosk-style setup, including a gateway PC (windows) and an iPad running the Ignition Perspective app to control a mobile machine. Neither the PC nor the iPad will have internet access (or at any rate, I cannot guarantee it).

I want to display some PDF’s and some videos using the built in video player and PDF viewer components. As I have no internet connection, I can’t use files hosted online; they will have to be hosted by the gateway PC.

I know that I can use the Web Development module to create a file resource, but for this particular application, it’s a little cost prohibitive to pay for the functionality of a whole web development module, to then only use it for hosting a couple of videos and PDF’s.

Is there another way to locally host content, e.g. using apache or IIS?

Running Ignition doesn’t prohibit you from running other web servers like Apache, IIS, nginx, … Ignition only needs one port, you can run those other services on a different port.

There’s even a hack where you can use the built-in web server to host additional static content: [Question] Loading images from gateway's file system Though, as far as I know, it’s not officially supported, so may be removed without notice in future releases (presumably only when they will change technologies, in which case you can still install a third-party server).

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Thanks. I’m completely new to this side of things - any chance you know of a good “how to” guide on setting up a web server to host content? I’m sure it’s not difficult, I just don’t know the right search terms to use to find the information.

On Linux it’s pretty easy, just install the Apache package and place your files in the /var/www/ directory (see , you only need to follow this tutorial until step 3).

On windows, you will have to rely on IIS or some third party web server like one of the Apache binaries:

There is also a myriad of simple HTTP servers. But most of those projects seem to die a few years later.

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