Perspective Root mode: Percent vs. Fixed - missing components

Hey all, me again…

Question for Dashboard experts.

I have a dashboard I would like to build. In my project I have created map templates and used these to build additional embedded views. When I add a widget to the dashboard I have noticed that fixed will place it basically as is, meaning it does not resize it to the small view. If in percent mode it will fit the entire map into the small area.

mode:percent ‘example’

mode: fixed 'example

Now, I figured out if i change all my views to percent then it works like I would want it, meaning that all views fit the allowed space and expand/shrink like it should.

My issues: When i change these views to percent some of my components are not visible. They show in fixed mode but not in percent mode. Any idea if this can be fixed?

mode: fixed ‘example on template window’

mode: percent ‘example on template window’

Could you create a copy of the view? (formatted </>) Also temporary turn of the bindings of the affected corner so that it works for me without the needed tag

I think I did this correctly, I put the view in here, i can isolate if needed.

I pulled out just one corner that goes hidden when in percent mode.

  "custom": {},
  "params": {},
  "props": {},
  "root": {
    "children": [
        "meta": {
          "name": "P1061"
        "position": {
          "height": 40,
          "rotate": {
            "angle": "180deg"
          "width": 39.92,
          "x": 172.96,
          "y": 144.96
        "props": {
          "config": {
            "showLabel": false,
            "side": "left"
          "status": {
            "color": "#808080",
            "keys": [
            "tagPath": "FC/P10/P1060/Conv",
            "tooltip": "P1060\u003cbr\u003eStatus: Unknown"
        "type": "dex.display.conveyorcurve"
    "meta": {
      "name": "root"
    "type": "ia.container.coord"

uh is this from a custom module?
I cant work with that xD
How about you provide me the html instead? xd Tho it seems like you should contact the person who made this module. “dex”?