Perspective Route Error

Can anyone advise what this particular error may be which appears to happen on a Session log in?
Does not seem to effect anything, I only come across it while checking logs.


You’ve configured navigation somewhere to navigate to a url or page path but what you sent as part of the url/path was not a String. This can occur if you’ve configured a navigation action like this:
Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 6.36.46 PM

but you’ve supplied some property which is an object by the time it’s used.

The tricky part is going to be identifying where this is happening, especially because your configurations might look innocent enough, but there’s the possibility that something at runtime is writing an offending value to the prop in question, changing it from what looks to be a String to an Object.

I would search your project(s) for the suspicious :project_name string. You’ll need to manually check your page Configuration areas because those are not a resource which can be scanned with the Search tool.

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Would the same apply while navigating via a button ActionPerformed script using system.perspective.openPopup or system.perspective.navigate etc?
Or in this case only something only triggered on the Session opening since it occurs on Sign In?
There is not too much that occurs without a Button Action.

yes you could replicate this with a script because it can also be replicated by simply navigating to
http://<gateway_addr>:<port>/data/perspective/client/[object%20Object] - which any script could do. So if you have a button which is doing navigation and the script is incorrectly casting some object into a string, you would see the error you’re seeing.

Thanks for your help, but ended up being something else.
The home page has a map which populates markers based on mobile users log in and location.
Script to do this failed if user logged in from a desktop, and therefore the non existent Lat Long parameters created an error on an ui expression binding / script transform which only triggered once on sign in.
All sorted now - I hope…