Perspective scale (image vs components)

How to scale many components “together” so when I change the size of the window, all components stay where they need to be?
I use a .svg file for the piping and all, but I used LED display to show some important value related to tags in Ingnition. I made the width of my .svg file “100%” to always fill the user screen.

Thanks for your help!

I had this issue recently I was using an image but I set the container and the image to both percent and it fixed my issue.

My image is scaling correctly when I resize my window but my LED displays don’t scale the same way that my image is scaling so their positions are incorrect. So the link between my window and my container is good, but the one between my image and my components is not.

Thanks to help and sorry for my English, I understand it might not be clear!

Well if both of your image and container are set to percent you can try to set the aspect ratio
with aspectratio set to 16:9

Ex: with aspect ratio turned off

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Thanks! It worked :slight_smile: