Perspective Scan Barcode Action

Hello, we have a view with two buttons A and B. A is to read a QR, B to navigate to another view. On A button’s OnClick Event we configured the Scan Barcode action. The A button has also a Message Handler to process the data received from the Barcode Scanned session event (to show some decoded info).
The B button has no message handler configured, only an OnClick Event to navigate.
When A is clicked, it opens 2 cameras screens in rapid sequence.The later reads correctly the QR, and the button does what expected, showing the correct info.
After this happen, the B button shows the camera again. If the user click the camera Cancel link then the next view is shown correctly. Anyone is experiencing this behaviors? Any hints?

Could you send me the View in question through a direct message or share it here?

Thank you for your interest, here it (35.4 KB)

It’s a project extracted from the original one. I tested with iOS.

You have a San Barcode Event configured during an onClick Event for both your desired Button component AND your Column Container. Remove the onClick Event from your Column Container.

Ops, obviously you are right.
Thanks Cody!

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