Perspective Screen issue

I met a bug when designing perspective screens for a plant pid mimic view. When I went off screen for a while and came back, all the pipes and graphic objects on that view went shaking like an earthquake. The pipes and object keep shifting and resizing itself, with scroll bars appearing and disappearing. In the run time view it was fine, but my designer view was keep shaking even after I restarted the IDE. My perspective screen mode was "percent". And I had to change it to fixed mode and back to percent mode in order to fix the issue. All the objects on the screen went off alignment as the result. Has anyone had similar issue before?


This happens when components' bounds are outside of the View bounds. You just need to shift whichever components are outside of the bounds, back into the bounds of the View. You can do this while they're dancing about

Yes, I guess you need to be aware of the bounds of a container and leave a little bit of space.
I realigned my elements a few times cause the pipe's viewbox was out of the container and it goes crazy in "percent" mode.

In some cases, adding overflow: hidden (or visible, depending on needs) to styles is a simple solution. For example. I have some labels and symbols in a coordinate container to represent a turntable that rotates to show which conveyor it is currently in line with. It doesn't normally show scrollbars, but at certain sizes in percent mode, it tries the earthquake routine. I could play with positioning and sizing, but setting overflow: visible was a quicker solution.


Great suggestion. Changing the overflow works. When I am designing, the bounding box of the pipe is much larger than the pipe itself and there are times the the pipes will be somewhat near an edge. The shaking makes it impossible to accurately set the position of the pipe - besides driving me nuts.

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