Perspective Screen Shink Issue

Hi, I am facing this issue in my ignition designer.
Screenshot 1: In this picture, u could see like the perspective view designer window shrink a bit, couldn’t able to do full stretch using the maximize line and this miraculous issue happening frequently. And notable few sepasoft module were also installed as well.

when i take the backup of this screen and import it in another machine, same issue persists.

Screenshot 2:
The same screen woks fine in browser session.

Please let me know, if you have faced anything like this and help me with work around

@pascal.fragnoud please help out

What’s the issue exactly ? The fact that the designer version of this view is somewhat messed up ?

I expect the container of this to be a flex container, right ?

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is this a sepasoft module or something you made?

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Yes it is. The Container which I have used was Flex and there is no issue with the container and components. The issue is with the work area, where you could see the blue color horizontal, vertical line used to expand or reduce the size of the perspective is not working.

I was afraid, it would reflect after the deployment in perspective session. But it works perfect in runtime(Screenshot 2).

Hope you understood

Nope, Not a module.

The designer viewer is basically a little browser window, so weird things might happen there if you’re planning for bigger windows.

I’m a bit more surprised about your inability to increase the area in designer.
What happens if you increase width and height in the view properties ?