Perspective script/action on page refresh or view save

Is there any way to detect, or act upon a page refresh? The view startup script doesn’t appear to run on a page refresh.

Additionally it would be super nice to somehow run an action if a save is made to a view and it gets refreshed. Currently I’m doing all my development on a separate non-live view, and periodically replacing the live view with it to avoid things breaking because of a view update.

I think maybe running a onStartup Script Action on one of the components may do the trick, it looks like it does trigger when I refresh the page. Components restart but maybe not the view?

Yes , you are right ,( Need to refresh the view )…
1.suppose in carousel component .i am moving one view to another view(using acitvePane0 … at the last view once done my process, i am moving to 1st (activePane). that time my previously entered data is need to refresh.
how to do it.