Perspective Script Transforms to Text

For doing a diff between two branches of perspective views, its a bit difficult to review two conflicting script transforms based off the html safe encoding being used.

Is there a relatively easy way to convert this back into a human readable format?

I have tried a few encoders/decoders and no luck. Is there a specific format I should be looking for a converter for? Or is the answer for me to be un-lazy and just write the code to convert it myself? lol

Thanks for any help!

Seems unlikely you can format specific things in a json file without coding atleast something xd

i have a code somewhere that pulls out texts out of the view.jsons, im sure it can be altered to pull out scripts too which you then should be able to format i suppose. Tho it doesnt give file location with it, so you will have to alter the code a bit for that

you might also want to look at this

Yeah I just didnt know if they were using a common encoding mechanism that could be boiled down to a specific format, or if its a custom encoded text format. If its a common one than it would probably have a specific function I could write, as opposed to replacing all special characters

We need to turn off the escaping on our side (it’s superfluous) but if you want to reverse it yourself it’s pretty simplistic; it’s a straightforward substitution of a few characters: