Perspective Security Level Binding to Tab or Page Visibility

I am working on a perspective project that is handed 3 separate IDs from Azure SSO - one of the IDs should only be allowed to view 2 of the 7 pages of the project. I was thinking that maybe this should be accomplished binding the Security level of this ID to the Auth property in Session props but not sure. Has anybody else done anything similar?

What if we used an expression tag to get the users specific Role from the IDP and then use that Role to indirectly reference the Visibility param with generic roles such as operator, view only, etc.?

You can add role-based access permissions to any view in Perspective. Open the view, then right click on it in the project browser and select “Configure View Permissions…”:


Any custom security levels you have created prior to doing so should be listed in the popup.

Thanks @swolnisty I got it going now!

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