Perspective: sendMessage to all open clients?


Can I call system.perspective.sendMessage within a tag change script to send a message to all client message handlers?

I have a View that shows a list (View Canvas) of active tags; inactive tags are not shown. I want the canvas instances to update if the tags change values i.e. remove active tags that become inactive, and add any tags that become active. Using a change event script on the Views I embed in the View Canvas, I can remove those that are displayed that become inactive, but I can’t add those that become active that aren’t displayed.

‘Active’ = 1
‘Inactive’ = 0

Indirectly, yes. Use system.util.sendMessage() with the session (“S”) scope to send the trigger/message to your Sessions. You will need to configure a Session-level Message Handler (in the Designer menu bar, Project > Session Events > Message) to listen for the incoming message. Within THAT handler, you will then need to use system.perspective.sendMessage() with the session scope (“session”) so that your Views can “hear” the message.

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