Perspective Sensor Multiline

I'd like to create a new line with the units of analog input on the bottom. I've tried expression with '\n' and pre-wrap. The multiline editor shows 2 lines, but the component shows the value as 1. I'd like to avoid creating multiple labels that fit inside the sensor.

What version are you using? I was unable to replicate as the inner label scales with the Symbol:

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 12.12.15 PM

I know the inner label scales with the sensor, but I'd like to word break the value into 2 separate lines. Regardless of the size of the sensor. So the unit (psi) would always be on the bottom of the value.
I can do this to labels and labels within buttons by using expression binding with '\n' or triple quotes and adding the white-space: pre-wrap. It seems that the sensor behaves differently. I noticed to change the color of the text I had to modify the Shape/Fill and Shape/Stroke instead of Text Color. That might be the issue with trying to format the value label too.

text does not wrap in svg's unless using a whole different structure, so i cant help