Perspective session not getting changes after a project save

I have an issue with ignition 8.1.21 (b2022092908) about perspective sessions on project save.
When I save my project after some changes, sessions are not updated. Views are still usable but with old behavior.
For example, if I delete a python script function, views can run without any issue like no changes were made.
Designer behavior is different, if I close my perspective view, re-open it, views use changes. But only in Designer, if I try to save again my project, nothing happens once again.

No error during project save, .py files are well updated and view.json too.
No error in console neither during save.
Sessions run with changes after a gateway restart.

Is this issue already known ? How can we fix it ? This is pretty urgent as project is in production cycle without any possibilty to correct issues.

Thanks in advance

So that disconnection is typically a browser issue. But it looks like it happened shortly before the project save, so the browser could not be informed of the changes. And then when the browser re-established comms as the user continued navigating, the project change notification was already lost.

If this speculation is accurate, then the bug is Perspective not checking for a change upon reconnection. That is worth pursuing with a support ticket. (This forum is not official support.)