Perspective Session Theme Property & Views

I’m wanting to set the session theme property and have it affect the views open in the session.
I can successfully change the session.theme property but I’m not getting the reaction out of the views as I would expect.!
Session Theme Change|690x132
This image shows the header on my pages in both light and dark themes.
The very top portion is a view in a inside of an embeddedview component in my header view.
None of the components nor the root container on that view has any style color properties set so I’m confused as why the text color changes but the background color does not.

What am I missing here?

Due to changes in recent builds (8.0.13), we need to know what version you’re using before we can really help you diagnose the issue here. In addition to the version you are using, could you provide us with the Views which are encountering the issue?

Yep, that should have been one of the first things out of the box!
I’m currently using 8.0.10.
I will dl the latest stable version and get that installed.
Looks like that is 8.0.12.


You’d want 13 if you’re working with theming. 12 only includes a patch.

8.0.13 is not even an option when I go to the download page.
12 is the latest available stable version.
14 looks to be the next version.
Download Versions
When will 14 be available as a stable version?


8.0.13 is not available right this moment because we are actively in the process of finalizing an RC build as we move toward 8.0.13 stable. 8.0.13 RC1 should be available today or tomorrow depending on your timezone.

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OK, I’ll keep an eye out for the stable version to drop.
It’ll give me practice working with installing software on Ubuntu (not a Linux guy but moving in that direction I guess).

Thanks again.

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