Perspective - several instances of `@material-ui/styles`

Every time I open the designer I see this log

INFO Perspective.SessionProps - It looks like there are several instances of `@material-ui/styles` initialized in this application.
This may cause theme propagation issues, broken class names, specificity issues, and makes your application bigger without a good reason.

See for more info.

This seems harmless but I’m wondering what is going on, even if I have no view nor styles this message always appears.
What is it and how to avoid it?
V 8.1.4

Some other users had encountered that, but I believe it was related to their use of the Sepasoft module. Are you using that module?

Yes, I’m using that module.
Production and OEE 3.81.1 SP3.
So it is harmless?

To my knowledge it is harmless (aside from a potential performance degradation), but I would reach out to Sepasoft to verify.

Great, thanks for background info.