Perspective Shared Settings Docks

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First off, should we continue posting here, or should we start posting in the general Ignition forum?

Secondly, I tried adding 2 docked views to the left dock area in shared settings so that all other pages will inherit from it. There is also a header and footer dock on the top and bottom dock areas as well.

For the 2 side docked views, one should be static and always present, and the other should appear next to it when a button is pressed (whether it is the handle or a button on the first static dock). However, this causes the static dock to close, only leaving the secondary modular dock. Is this by design, or a bug, or did I mess up a setting somewhere?

Unless there is only meant to be one dock on each dock view for shared settings or any view overriding that. Also, would there be a way to re-arrange the dock order (leftmost to rightmost on the left hand side), if there really can be multiple docks?


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There is no way currently to have more than one docked View visible on a given side. The entire Docked View architecture as of today is based on there being only ever one Docked View visible on a given side.

As for the ordering, that isn’t configurable after they’re created; (for top/bottom) first Docked View added will be left-most handle.

As an alternative to Docked Views (since you said you aways want one of the Views to be visible), you can achieve the same functionality by using Flex Containers.

You would need to have the Flex Container use a “row” orientation, and use an Embedded View. Bind the basis of this Embedded View to some event (probably a button or icon click) which toggles the basis between the desired expanded size (something like “150px”) and “0px”.

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I’m liking this idea. But would the outer view still need to be assigned to the left dock? I can’t imagine any other way it would work. Currently, the left nav dock is a flex container view, originally in column mode. I swapped it to row mode with two embedded views (both of those are flex w/ col modes, left is the one that I want static, right is the one that should be dynamic). But it looks like if it is a dock, it is either all-or-nothing, i.e., both parts are always visible or not, as well as push/cover, but no middle ground. Which is okay if there is no good alternative to keep one part always open/push and the other on-demand/cover.

If I attach the view to each window, it would be problematic since we’re going to have dozens of windows on this app. Am I understanding this wrong?

On a side note, does adding a flex container to a view actually do anything? It looks like that is the base object for a view (alongside the other container objects) when you first create a view, but i’m not sure if there is any functionality if you grab that component from the palette and drag it onto a pre-existing view. It doesn’t seem like you can drag objects into it.

Is this just an unfinished feature, vestigial, or is there definitely something obvious i’m missing?

You need to ‘deep-select’ into that dropped flex container to edit it. Double click on it, and the focus/background should change to indicate that it’s now your current focus. There’s some improved UI for this that should make it into 8.0.1.

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Awesome, good to know, thanks!

Actually we can work on flexContainer ‘option.display’ property using a button to toggle the show/hide
component event to have another dockedView and config in sharedSettings of PageConfig a shared dockedView for all the pages.