Perspective simple gauge text properties

Is there a way to have more control over the perspective gauge text properties?

In particular it is annoying that it is not centered in the gauge out of the box:




I noticed this too, i just created my own label and hid the one that comes with the gauge.

The expectation however is that I should not have to work around stock components. I should be able to use them as is especially in this case where I am not trying to achieve anything fancy. I just want the label to be centered.

i could not find a way to do it, maybe through some css?

Well, that’s silly. There’s no way to adjust that at the moment, unfortunately. We’ll make a ticket and fix this asap. Sorry about that.


Has this been fixed yet?

I'm looking to place the units below the value.

@Scott_Bates the addition of the ability to change the label position is there.

If you want to put the label on the second line you can do it like this.

Add this style value


Add this Binding to the label units


Use the Y Offset to Move the Text down


The Result




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Perfect, thank you.

Apologies for the intermediate questions, however could you also tell me if there is a way to remove the excess padding around the simple gauge? I'd like to be able to remove the padding at all sides.