Perspective Slider Labels

Hi all,

I am sure this is another newbie question. I have a Perspective Slider that I want the Labels to be 100 & 1800.

So I set the Min = 100 and Max = 1800 and the Interval = 1700. The result is just one label at 1700 (not max). If I set Min to 0 & Interval to 1800, I get a label at …well…0 & 1800 (max). But I want the 100 label at “0”.

So I am confused how to make it start at 100.

What did I miss?

Thanks, Steven

I think this is your issue. The interval should divisible by the max. (1700 / 1800 = 1 label)
Try using this to start and adjust the step or interval as needed:
props.step = 1

This should give you 18 labels with the ability select any number from 100-1800 (props.step=1).

This is true…however, I only want 2 labels…100 & 1800. If I change the interval to 400 for example I get this…


I want this with the exception of 0 = 100

Thanks for the help,


What about this:
props.step = 1800
props.labels.interval = 1800

This will give you 2 selectable options (0 & 1800). However, there is no 100 label since the interval starts at 1800. You could add another label to display the 100 or consider using a different component for the 2 states you need.

I see you can add to the labels property but I was not successful in creating a new label. Any idea how to do that?

Thanks, Steven

I was suggesting dragging a Label component and placing over top of the slider component. (typically in a coordinate container)