Perspective Slider not showing all Labels between min/max value

I wanted to have two sliders for picking height x width.
I set the slider properties as follows:
Height Slider:

  • min: 1.5
  • max: 3
  • step: 0.5
  • Labels
    • show: true
    • interval: 0.5

Width Slider

  • min: 0.375
  • max: 0.6875
  • step: 0.0625
  • Labels
    • show: true
    • interval: 0.0625

When I do this the slider works, but the labels do not show up at the specified intervals. The width slider only labels the minimum value, and the height slider labels the 1.5 and 2.5 positions. Is there any way to correct this? Am I setting something up incorrectly?

I think you’ve discovered a bug or limitation with the slider. It doesn’t accept label intervals of less than 1.

As a workaround try disabling the slider labels and add in a linear scale adjacent to the slider. They’re slightly strange! Change the aspect ratio and it will change from vertical to horizontal. Use “mirror” to flip the ticks to the other side of the numbers.

If you need to reuse these in multiple places then you could create a view for a horizontal and another for a vertical and use embedded view as required. Set up a few view parameters and it would all be quite manageable.

I started to do that the other day, but ended up not liking the look of what I was getting and because it was only 10 different values between the two slides I ended up using radio groups. I don’t love either solution, but it is working for now. I hope in the future this can be fixed and I’ll switch it back to a slider. At least now I know it wasn’t something that I was doing incorrectly. This is my first ignition project that I am working on so I partially assumed I was doing something incorrectly.

Thank You @Transistor

You could

  • scale the slider up by a factor of 10 to use integer settings,
  • turn off the labels,
  • create a custom property with an expression binding to the slider value / 10,
  • add a label beside the slider and bind its text to the custom property.
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Hey, @Transistor thank you for this suggestion.

I took your idea and ran with it. I ended up creating a view with parameters for a label.

  • Position
  • CurrentSlideLocation

I then created another view with parameters to control the positioning/labels for each of the labels on top of the slider. I placed 10 of the parameterized Labels on this view and they become visible/not visible and move to the appropriate locations depending on the values set for the min/max/step/multiplier parameters.

Hope that makes sense if anyone in the future is looking to make a similar slider.