Perspective Slow Loading

I have a project with one view.
The view contains a template repeater with 14 tiles inside.
Each tile contains a timeseries chart, gauge, moving analog indicator and some labels.
It is taking the initial loading of the page 30-90 seconds to finish.
Is there anything that we can do to speed this up?
All components that are currently on the tiles are needed.


From a similar experience, it seems that repeated views will load the libraries for each chart and gauge separately. These have quite a heavy load and will take time to load.

Charts used in Ignition are these:

Consider if you really need to display 14 instances of charts and gauges on the same page - perhaps you could have a tab to toggle to each view?

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It’s more of a dashboard to see all tiles at once.
One solution I was thinking was to make the charts invisible for the first 10 seconds to give it time to load the rest.
Wanted to see had anyone run into similar problems

I am experiencing the same slow behavior. It will also rewrite what I have written in or change what I’ve changed. I am only working with one graph and can’t seem to pick up the pace making other graphs because of this slow behavior.

I am also running into the same issue, I also sometimes have this loading 0% page, and even refresh the browser will not work. I can only fix it by open the perspective view in a new page. I am not sure if you guys running into the same issue.

I have just come to the forum to check if there is a known issue with the XY chart in Perspective.

It runs fine in Designer, but when running on the browser, the chart initially takes about 20 seconds to load. If I change the datasource via a radio button, it takes around 8 seconds each time to repaint.

This is using the xychart out of the box.

Has anyone seen any movement/progress on this yet? We are having the same issue. The date range takes 6-10 seconds to load, and the chart never loads unless we refresh the page after the date range has loaded. Then the chart itself takes a number of seconds to load.