Perspective: Sparkline chart adding horizontal lines


Is there any way to easily add in horizontal lines to a sparkline chart? E.g. dotted/dashed lines for alarm limits?

If you aren’t using the desired range already, you can use that and set the fill opacity to 0. Otherwise you can make your alarm limit tags historical and add them to the tag history binding.

I figured I could use the desired range, but if I end up wanting to use this as well in the future then i’m a bit stuck. I really don’t want to have to log the alarm setpoints :frowning: although it would be more valid if looking further into the past if these actually did change… maybe that’s what I should do. Cheers

Logging setpoints has some benefits, such as reverting back from temporary setpoint changes. The only trouble with logging setpoints with the sparkline is that you’d typically log it as on change only. Since you can’t change the interpolation on the sparkline any change in setpoint is going to display as a straight line between those points.

Yeah, I would log it every 5 seconds. I’ve learnt my lesson…