Perspective Status Chart

Looking for something like Status Chart in perspective, similar to vision, any idea what should I do? tx.

I haven’t had a chance to use it myself yet, but there is a Ribbon Chart on the Ignition Exchange that may be what you’re looking for.

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I couldn’t make use of this, not sure what I am doing wrong,
it’s a zip file, I imported that as a project, and it contains an empty page,
I’m using 8.0.16, which might be the cause (it needs 8.0.15), or I am doing something wrong,

Nevertheless, thanks for the reply.

@CTavakoli, you might have to extract the zip first. IIRC, the project zip is inside the downloadable zip.

Thanks, still the same though

Works for me. Just tested on 8.1.0-RC3.
Be sure to read the readme.txt in ribbon_chart.3.0.0\Other\Ribbon Chart\readme.txt

Try extracting the Ribbon, then in that extracted folder, go to Other and extract Ribbon Once that’s extracted, you should be able to go to File–>Import in Ignition and select the Ignition from that folder. That should show up with 2 perspective views to import.

Thank you all, it is working.