Perspective strange email body behavior

I have a simple perspective view that once user info entered and then submitted via a button press, sends an email using this code:

body = self.getSibling("uiName")
recipients = """mySmtpServer", "", "Continuum Pin Changed", body, 0, recipients)

This was working perfectly when testing using a browser on my desktop. When i tested using an android device instead of getting the uiName, which is just the user’s name, i started getting the following from using either the android device or the desktop browser:


Has anyone experienced this issue, or may know the cause? Thank you in advance!

Then you must not have saved changes at that point. The body = self.getSibling("uiName") assignment is storing a reference to the component. Assuming you want the displayed text of that component and that component is a Text Field, the assignment should be this:

body = self.getSibling("uiName").props.text

You were right, thank you. At one point i had included more info in the body then decided not to and must have removed “.props.text” by accident. Thanks again for the help.

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