Perspective Style Class - Error Checking

Background: We have had some issues where we setup a Style Class and find it does not work (it does not apply the style to the object). Come to find out it is because there was an error in our Style Class configuration (e.g. the Color setting was set to “FF8C00” when it should have been “#FF8C00”).

Question: Is there an intuitive way to see that the style class has an error or to determine where the error in the Style Class is?

Not really, no. Since css files are basically just text and don’t “compile” in the strictest sense, the only way to identify issues is by parsing it yourself or applying it and finding faults. Some text editors have extensions or plugins which might help identify values that are strings which fit a hexadecimal pattern but which are missing a preceding #, but you’d have to search for that based on your preferred editor. Then you’d have to copy/paste your style into the editor to verify.