Perspective Style/Icon Issues

Hi everyone,

I have several questions about styling in Ignition.

  1. It looks like we are unsure of what fonts currently exist for styles. Is the default style “Dialog”, “dialog”, or something different entirely? And is there a list of supported font families?

  2. When styling the root container, it seems like element state style rules under the base style do not always work. Example: I had an Icon and Text object in a flex container with the root container style whose base style modified the icon/text objects. However, on hover, the root container style and the text object style changed, but the icon object remained constant. Another issue was that by default, icons didn’t seem to want to change color when the shape fill was modified (but did incorrectly when shape stroke was modified).

  3. Speaking of icons, is there a full list of available icons? I noticed that some that are found in material io are not found in perspective. Are there plans for an icon viewer?

  4. In regards to box shadows, it might be good to separate out the dimensions and colors for the shadow rather than input everything as a string (may/may not be confusing for people new to css)


I’m not totally qualified to answer the rest, but:
3) We have an active ticket to update the version of the material icon pack we’re including, and yes, an icon viewer is on the roadmap.
4) Better UI for the style editor(s) is also planned.

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bump - I am also having this issue.

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I recently have been able to change icon colors by applying a style with a text color (at least in 8.1.17). So the text color style property seems to affect the icon colors, if you haven’t tried that out yet!