Perspective symbol modification with stylesheet


Would it be possible to delete the following part of a motor symbol with some css code in the stylesheet?
This object has a domId = motorDevice
i've try that code to see if i could alter the first child fill value since when anylse the class in chrome this part is the first inside the class. but nothing help

thanks in advance for your help


Man that little stub is very pesky... Not sure if this is the best way to do it, but I selected using the svg path, like so:

#motorDevice .motor_motor_details path[d="M102,23h-17v10h17Z"]{
	fill: none;

You can exclude the .motor_motor_details class and it still works, but in my mind, a class selector will help narrow down the search of the attribute selector so it may be more efficient, but that's splitting hairs.


That's it, thank you @YF129701.
Just to add something with fill:none; it will make it unvisible but you will have a blank space between the motor and the border
if you wan to delete it just use d:none; instead.

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