Perspective - System Tags


i’m trying to recreate one of our modules using perspective and i need the username tag,
just want to ask how come the username tag is null whenever i try to drag it or bind to it? I mean, I see a value on it but when its dragged on the designer its showing as null? is there anything else i need to add or modify?

This is under System > Client > User > Username

I tried adding a login and viewed it on the perspective client on my phone and on the web but its still showing as null :frowning:


Perspective doesn’t have access to, or use, [System]Client tags. Use session props (configured on the “landing page” in Perspective) to perform the same purpose.

See the manual reference on available session properties:


got it, thank you

If they are not accessible, perhaps they should not be shown when in ‘Perspective’ mode in the designer.

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