Perspective Tab Container Individual Tab Style change


Is there any way to alter the style of a single tab in a tab container?

Asking this, because we would like to paint the “Alarms” tab with var(–error) or var(–warningSecondary) based on if there are any “ActiveUnAcked” or “ActiveAcked” errors with the current object.

To make it plain an simple:

I would like to paint only this tab red or yellow as we have active alarms.


By passing in a view to the tabs, you can customize them as you want and control the individual tab backgrounds.
For instructions, follow this post:

Thank you for the information, @andreas!

What I came up with was a solution to have an alarm icon in the background of the Tab (lower in the z-order) and then set the inactive background of the tabs to be transparent. This solution is looking pretty decent actually and it goes with my overall theme of showing alarms via alarm icon.

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