Perspective table auto scroll down on data pop up

Do we have way to scroll down perspective table based on data update or specified frequency

not in an easy way no :confused:

i made some suggestions on this topic and he got it to work.
you basically gotta add a custom view in one of your colums and send a message to it to call a focus() in there.
virtualized columns prop has to be in the correct setting too.

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You might also be able to supply the desired row a DOM Id and navigate to that ID via URL.

This would require you to render at least one of your columns as a View. That View would need to accept some parameter (named as you desire). The view should set either the root or some child component’s meta.domId property to the incoming parameter. Your data update or timer should navigate to the current page and specify the DOM ID in use at the end of the URL:

Original URL:

With targeted DOM ID:

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DomId navigates (aka. “anchor links”) may not always scroll to the desired position if done a lot in succesion. (to my experience)

Also will that work on a popup?

Its worth a try though as its quite a bit easier than setting up messages

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Oh, I doubt it would work in a Popup. My approach assumed the Table was in the primary view.

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