Perspective table auto size in flex

Perspective 8.0.16

I have a flex view and several flex containers inside that view (rows). What I would like is to have a table (in one of the flex containers) automatically grow and shrink. I want them to grow to the rows per page setting and shrink to show only the actual rows. When no rows I hide the table. Currently I just use an expression and multiply the row count with a made of number. It works OK, but can get off when you get more rows. One, is there a row height property I can use? Two, is there a better way?



Also just noticed that ‘auto’ does not seem to work for the perspective table’s basis property. I am fairly sure it used to work… as I have used auto-sized tables as subviews in tables before with success at getting the subview to expand only as far as needed to display all rows.

Correction… ‘auto’ does have an effect on the perspective table, however it downsizes the component so that only the header is visible.


Try setting the table’s virtualized property to false. It defaults to true but if you change it to false then you can set the table’s position.basis property to auto and the table will have the correct size.