Perspective Table Breakpoint?

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems like the Perspective Table component has a ‘Break Point’ that causes the Pager Selector pull-down to hide below a certain width. I cannot, however, find the setting for it anywhere. It seems to be ‘stuck’ at 700.

Then below 700 width…

I’ve reached out to a developer for confirmation, but I don’t believe that breakpoint is exposed. There are actually two breakpoints, but you’re only seeing one because you only have two pages of data. When you have large page counts there is also a “page jump” field which allows you to enter a page to immediately display rather than clicking “next” or “previous” until you arrive. That input seems to be removed when the Table is less than 402 pixels in width.

If I remember correctly, these two breakpoints are not exposed in any way because of the fact we do not expose configurations for the width of the row selector or the page-jump field. The component uses these internal breakpoints to remove those two internal pieces at widths we determined could impact appearance and/or would restrict how many pages could be displayed for selection.