Perspective Table Cell Binding to Tag


Within perspective I am trying to bind the value of a specific cell in a table to a tag. In Vision, you were able to use a Cell Update Binding in a Power Table. Is there a similar feature in Perspective to do this?


Just bind it like any other perspective binding.

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear in my original post. The data for my table is from a dataset so I can’t seem to access an individual cell to provide the tag binding for. Is it still possible to provide a tag binding for an individual cell when using a dataset?


No. You can either use a transform on whatever operation is bringing in the dataset, or bring in your data in a JSON format in the first place.

That’s what I figured, thanks for your help!

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@PGriffith , @nickbartsch I also want to bind some table cells in a row to some tags. Therefore, I have embedded a view for each cell in table column mode. In each view, I have a label binding to a value parameter that represents a tag path. You can see it in the figure below.

It worked in my case. However, when the number of cells increases, I have to make the same number of views with the same logic. Is there any way better than that?

Thank you for your time!