Perspective table column render: view issue with JSON format

The Perspective table column with render: view doesn’t pass correctly the row’s value to embedded view when the of table load as JSON format and not a dataset. When I change the format to the dataset the embedded view gets the correct value.
This especially happens when I sort or filter the table.

hi @nader.chinichian , which version of ignition are you using? I recall a few recent view parameter bugs in the Table Component. I’ll ping the appropriate dev to get his take on it.

Hi @mperkins
I use version 8.1.12.
As I mention only this happen for filter and sorting in the embedded view of table.

Thanks for the support.

Yep, this sounds like BUG-5259 Regression fix for incorrect view params being passed to View instances of the Table component when filtered or paged. A regression introduced in 8.1.12.

A fix was released in 8.1.13