Perspective table component applying time zone offsets to dates

Using Perspective 8.1.11

I have a dataset with date/time columns containing UTC date/time values.

When I display them in a Perspective table component, if I set ‘render=auto’, it will apply a local time offset and render them as local times.

If I set ‘render=date’, it does NOT apply the local time offset, and instead displays them as their original UTC times.

I’m fine with this, I just want to know if this is the intended way the component is meant to work, or if it’s a bug that might be fixed at later time, or if I’m possibly doing something wrong. I couldn’t really find any clarification in the documentation.


Anyone want to weigh in? Is this the intended way for the table component to work?

I’m curious as well. I’m not super familiar with Perspective. My guess would be its normal. render=date just shows it as that /o any extra work. And the render=auto must do conversion. But this is something they could probably correct in a future version. but again this is just to add to the thread, take everything with a grain of salt. Hopefully a more experienced user or someone from IA can add/clarify

See also Perspective date picker daylight savings?. The date picker also has some daylight saving quirks.

Yes that is what the intended way the table component is meant to work and not a bug.
Because while using table component in perspective 8.1.0 I am facing serious issue as this feature is not there and its a bug here in this version.
Setting up render auto is adding offset & showing local time.
Setting up render to Date is still adding offset & showing local time instead of showing UTC time.
let me explain more with the example.
my dB & Ignition Gateway both set to UTC while I am launching client from IST(+5.5)
I am getting this offset With respect to the local time zone.
This may vary and will show incorrect data if you access view from different zones.
Umeshchandra Adamanke.