Perspective table component: width of table columns not resizable

When I get the table component from the [perspective components] it is filled with 50 records en 3 columns. The columns are equal divided in the table on screen. According user manual columns should to be resized but this is not working. I can not adjust the width and hovering in runtime is also not working.

Manual mentions 2 methods to modify column width but both are not working

  1. When resizable is enabled: users can resize columns in the runtime by hovering over the edge.
    2.The width of this column. If resize is enabled, specifies the column width on initial load. User can override this in the runtime if the Resizable option is enable

Can’t help you, but someone who can will need to know ignition version

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Thank you for your reply The Ignition version is 8.0.10

  1. yes
  2. yes but when you reopen the page it will go to initial setup.

For me, I have add ‘width’ setting for column and ‘strictwidth’ is true to get the width working as I need. and ‘resizable’ is true so I can change the width on fly but goes to default as I reopen the popup as I used the Table in my popup.

I find the cause The columname in must be filled in props.Column.field.